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  • A Letter from the Sun Holiday Tours Team

A Letter from the Sun Holiday Tours Team

Dear Guests and Friends,
It has been a challenging time for all of us in Lebanon and our hearts go out to 
everyone affected by the cloud of uncertainty hanging over our heads. It is for sure, time for anxiety and fear but also time for reflection, time to contemplate our planet, rich in beauty and history, filled with stories of the past and visions of the future.
Though with hesitant steps, we have decided to all start again; we know that travel now is almost at a standstill but we will embrace this uncertainty as a way to convey, starting very soon, uplift spirits and inspiring future adventures.
We are confident we will make it through this and if you cannot travel now, it is still allowed to dream until you fly again with the people you love; you will go back to your favorite spots and go to places where you always said you would make new memories.
Be patient… but just for a while. Until then, let us inspire you so that you can 
dream now and travel later.

The Sun Holiday Tours Team